GLEE 3D and me!

GLEE 3D and me!

Yes I went to see Glee 3d this past weekend and to be honest I can see why it didn’t make a ton of money.
The beauty of Glee on TV is the interaction of characters between the songs and the movie just concentrated on the concert. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was going into a concert movie from the get go but I wanted to see the characters backstage and behind the scenes way more than I ever want to hear about gleeks overcoming their own personal tragedies through the help of Glee. Yes, I think it’s great how much this show helps outcasts understand they aren’t alone and maybe they are losers but that’s no longer a bad thing but interrupting a great 3d concert experience to make me watch an obvious overcoming obstacles story over and over took me away from the GLEE experience I paid for.
This should come as no surprise to anyone but Britney AKA Heather Morris stole every second of screen time she was in, how someone can be that sexy and that innocent at the same time amazes me and speaking of which, anyone that wants to make fun of me for watching this movie do me one favor, watch Slave 4 U by Britney on the big screen in 3d and tell me then that this movie is lame.

So obviously if you like the show and wanted or did go to the concert you better hurry up and see this movie in the theatres because you only have 2 weeks to do it!



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