Pee Wee’s Big Adventure turns 26 today!!!

Pee Wee's Big Adventure turns 26 today!!!

I still remember going to the movie theatre to see Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, not really knowing what I’d see and 92 minutes later confused as to what I just witnessed. I laughed like a crazy person throughout the whole movie, I couldn’t explain why when I told my friends and family about it. It was pure brilliance but trying to explain to your parents why putting Mr. T cereal on a pancake was funny was as impossible then as it is now. Pee Wee Herman became my new hero,I, like everyone I knew, quoted the movie and did poor impersonations on a daily basis and whenever Tequila would come on the oldies station everyone did THE DANCE.
Years later I would go to the dinosaurs in Cabazon and even though it had changed since the movie, I loved every second of being there and I even got to meet my hero, Pee Wee Herman at his stage show in Los Angeles, after seeing the best live show I had ever seen and I can even recall the day that I was working on Third Street Promenade when I was watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure at work and realized that Third Street was where they had shot the bike being stolen/magic shop/bike store scene!!! I was there!!!
Anytime, anywhere Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is on TV, I have to watch it, no matter what I’m doing, I will sit there and smile and laugh through the whole movie. How many movies can you say that about? That no matter how many times you’ve seen them you still laugh, smile and honestly enjoy them year after year and viewing after viewing. That shows how timeless Pee Wee Herman is and how much we still need him today.
The script had changed the second Paul Reubens saw the bicycles on the WB lot and asked for his own, Pee Wee’s bike was just as big a star as Pee Wee himself and with the comedic genius of Phil Hartman(another hero of mine) as co-writer as well as Michael Varhol, the script was finished quickly and all the movie needed was someone to add his own flare to it. That someone was Tim Burton, who put his own look onto an already brilliant script, adding his own touches and fleshing out whole scenes like the breakfast machine, Large Marge and the dream sequence. With Burton’s help and a $6 million dollar budget one of the biggest hits of 85 was made.
So thank you Pee Wee Herman for making one of the best movies ever, a movie that can make me smile no matter what is happening in my life and a movie so genius that I still can’t do it justice when I describe it.
Oh and even though it’s a long shot…PAGING MR. HERMAN, please contact me at I would love to interview you any day any time. You sir are my hero.



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