TOTAL RECALL update- now with more kuato!

TOTAL RECALL update- now with more kuato!

I lied, theres not any Kuato in these videos from the set of the new Total Recall but there should be! I don’t care about new hover cars or Collin Farrell, all I care about is where is Kuato and how many boobs are going to be on the Mars hookers this time? Wait what’s that? Bryan Cranston is in it?!?! Where can I buy my ticket? Anything Bryan Cranston is in will be amazing, oh and in case you guys were wondering Bill Nighy is playing Kuato.
But anyhow, the point of this post was to show you some on set video that some bratty kid took of the hover cars. Don’t tell me whats not future kid! In my day Quaid drove crappy cars and we were happy!

and since you guys asked so nicely here’s another video of fake future cars on trucks



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