When I heard that there was going to be a season 6 of the only reason to watch CW, Supernatural, I was shocked. I had always heard that the show was to end at season 5, how could they set up the ending of five full seasons, only to change their minds and continue on? Its not like a sitcom where the finale is someone finally hooking up, this was the end battle between Heaven and Hell. BUT I trusted the writers, they had never steered me wrong on this show before and I knew that if anyone could write themselves an out when it comes to Armageddon it was them and sure enough they did. Season 6 threw me completely off of my feet in a good way, they figured out how to bring everyone back and move the story along and at the end of season 6 they blew me away with a cliffhanger I could never have seen coming! Castiel, my favorite gravelly voiced angel, protector of the Winchesters and all around good guy in the biblical sense has snapped and made himself not only God but a Wrathful God. The new promo doesn’t have much info but boy does it make me wish the new season was here already!



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