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I was trying to think of a title for this piece but honestly thats all I need to say. DOCTOR WHO. If you haven’t started watching the “new” Doctor Who because you grew up seeing bad re-runs of cheesy special effects and big scarves then please listen to me and watch a couple episodes on Netflix and trust me when I say its not like the old episodes. Its Brilliant, the special effects are just getting to the point of blockbuster movies but honestly that doesn’t even matter because the writing and the acting are superb. There’s a reason this show has been around longer than Star Trek or Star Wars and a reason why the world loves this show. It’s just plain brilliant, so do yourself a favor and take a Sunday off and watch some Doctor Who and get caught up while you can because the rest of us that are caught up are going crazy waiting for the show to come back from its current break.
For those of us cool people that are caught up, here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming season! Oh and if by some miracle Karen Gillan is reading this, I love you and please marry me



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