Every couple of years an event happens that means more to me than any summer blockbuster movie premiere or any hyped book… They Might Be Giants releases a new album(vinyl, 8 track,album,cd,mp3 flak or whatever futuristic form of music playing thing you have.)
Listening to a new TMBG cd for the first time is kind of a frustrating thing for me though, I am so excited to be hearing the amazing new songs that I want to constantly skip ahead to the next track so I can hear that one now then the next one and next one but I controlled myself and pressed play on track one and just let the whole thing play.

My one word review is: WOW! This cd is incredible, I’m very curious to see what the 2nd single will be since the first single “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” is already out. To give you a sample of what the new cd sound like here’s Can’t Keep Johnny Down.
How can you NOT like a song about all of the people trying to keep Johnny down, why is an astronaut better than him and who hasn’t flipped someone off in their car only to realize that person waving was just trying to let you know your gas cap was unscrewed. I think “When Will You Die” should be the next single, a happy sounding song about wondering when someone will just die is pure brilliance but thats not to say the rest of the tracks aren’t great too but I will get to that in a second.
Lets take a second and talk about the genius of TMBG, first and foremost lets concentrate on their lyrics, name any other band that can write a song about anything! From a germ on a rocket to James K Polk, if you are one of the sad people in this world that only know of TMBG because of Birdhouse in Your Soul or worse you only remember them from Tiny Toons then you are missing out on some brilliant rock tunes!
TMBG might still be classified as “nerd rock” by some but they shouldn’t be pigeon-holed by any labels, hell they have done kids albums that rock more than 90% of the music on the radio today and their last rock cd 2007’s The Else is one of the best rock cd’s of the first decade of the new millenium but enough of the history lesson let me tell you a little about what you’ll be hearing July 19th on JOIN US.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to talk about so I’ll just tell you that every track is incredibly catchy, brilliantly written rock tunes that will have you bobbing your head, singing along and smiling instantly. The range from love songs to “hate” songs and everything in between makes you wonder what the next track is going to deliver. This CD has been a long time coming for TMBG fans, we have loved the kids albums but we needed a album that starts with “Outnumbered a million to one
All of the dicks in this dick town
Can’t keep Johnny down”
This is an in your face rock album, loud guitars and drums and catchy choruses and TMBG rocking out of your speakers making you count down the days until you get to see them perform this live in your own town. TMBG are touring so check out to find out when they are coming to your town and see the best band live I have ever seen (50+ times)
To keep this review from becoming a 50 page term paper about why TMBG is better than you, let me just do a couple word review of each track.
1. Can’t Keep Johnny Down- already told you about this one.
2. You Probably Get That A Lot-great guitars and this is definitely one I can’t wait to see live.
3. Old Pine Box- acoustic guitars and damn catchy lyrics! Flansy at his best!
4. Canajoharie- a town in NY and a tune that Linnell kills on!
5. Cloisonné- there’s a lyric about sleestaks and that’s just cool as hell plus my favorite lyric “keep your window shakin’ god forsaken voice down.”
6. Let Your Hair Hang Down- another Linnell lead vocal track with some great Flansburgh harmonies.
7. Celebration- this has the makings of a great club tune!
8. In Fact-AMAZING horns!!! this is a great really up tempo tune that Marty Beller rocks on the drums!
9. When Will You Die- pure genius.
10. Protagonist- sorry this one you will just have to listen to for yourself, its great but I’ve tried 3 times to figure out how to describe it and I can’t do it justice.
11. Judy Is Your Viet Nam- ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!
12. Never Knew Love- a sincere Linnell sung love song that is sweet and honest.
13. The Lady And The Tiger- Flansy and Linnell doing a fantastic song reminiscent of classic Mono Puff
14. Spoiler Alert- both Flansburgh and Linnell singing another one I can’t wait to see live.
15. Dog Walker- another one just ripe for club remix! beautifully done distorted vocals,drums and guitar.
16. 2082- Lets take a look into the future…The future Conan?….all the way to the year 2082(sorry couldn’t resist)
17. Three Might Be Duende- we got a sneak peak of this when they were recording it and I love the final product
18. You Don’t Like Me-this track reminded me most of “The Else” and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

All in all, I love this CD. I can guarantee you it will be playing non stop all day today and constantly in my car. They Might Be Giants are my favorite band for a reason, they are unique, inventive and consistently out due themselves with every new song they sing. So let me take a second to thank John Flansburgh, John Linnell, Marty Beller, Dan Miller, and Danny Weinkauf. Thank you for putting out such fantastic music and putting on such great concerts, whenever I’m feeling down I can put on a TMBG song and my day is instantly better, so thank you again and please for the love of God don’t stop making music anytime soon!!!



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