The Coolest Cars in Hollwood

The Coolest Cars in Hollwood

I’m not talking about Jay Leno’s garage, I’m talking about cars that became a part of our culture because they were the true stars on TV shows and in movies! You can’t think of Back to the Future without thinking of the delorean and you certainly can’t think of Dukes of Hazzard without thinking of that loveably racist General Lee. So here’s the top 10ish coolest cars in Hollywood!

10. The General Lee– Yeeeeeee Haw! Name one other car that jumped as many collapsed bridges? It didn’t have special powers(other than being basically indestructable, seriously what was the car made out of adamantium?)

9.Herbie– When I think of the term living car I think of Christine but Herbie proved that not all living cars were evil killing machines from Hell. Some just want love and even though Herbie was forced to have Lindsay Lohan sitting at his wheel, he never let her drunk drive him off of a cliff.

8.the Monkeemobile– If the opening theme song to The Monkees isn’t in your head right now then we can’t be friends.
The Beatles might have had a yellow submarine but they never had a Beatlemobile and thats why The Monkees are awesome! Built by Dean Jeffries NOT George Barris, this car is as cool today as the day it was built!

7. The cars of Sid and Marty Kroffts shows!– Yes I said cars and sure I may be cheating but when you have your own website and write a top 10 coolest cars list then you can do whatever you want too. From Electra Woman and Dyna Girls 3 wheeled Electra-Car, to the Bugaloo Buggy to my personal favorite WONDERBUG! The shows were great and the cars were psychadelic. If you have never seen any of these shows then netflix them now!!! Put them on at a party and I guarantee you people will sit in awe.

6.the black beauty– Green Hornet didn’t just have Bruce Lee at his side, he also had the Black Beauty. Sure it wasn’t as famous as the Batmobile but it was just as cool! Another Dean Jeffries creation complete with rockets.

5.James Bond’s Aston Martin-Pick any of them, they were all great but for this list I’m going old school and picking THE James Bond Aston Martin, the one that started them all.

4.The Batmobile– they were all cool except Clooney’s but again I’m going old school and picking the original Batmobile.

3.KITT– Knight Rider’s KITT could do anything, talk,turbo boost, drive itself, keep David Hasselhoff from drunk driving( 2 drunk driving jokes in one post!!) It is one of my life’s goals to own a KITT replica and dammit someday I will!

2.the time machine Delorean– It time travels! What more do you want?!?! This car deserves 1.21 gigawatts of your love!

and that brings us to the NUMBER ONE COOLEST CAR IN HOLLYWOOD!!!

1.THE ECTO-1– Great movie and even better car!!! If you say you have never wanted a ride in the Ecto-1 then you are a terrorist.



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