Men of a Certain Age and a girl of certain crush.

Men of a Certain Age and a girl of certain crush.

Tonight was the Evening with Men of a Certain Age at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, do you guys see a pattern yet? I LOVE THE PALEY CENTER!!!!
Their panels are such a great way to get closer to the stars of the shows and tonight was no exception. Men of a Certain Age is a brilliant show from the mind of Ray Romano, and no it’s not another sitcom, this is a dramedy about 3 men getting older and the choices they’ve made along the way. Its a real look at growing older and more importantly growing up, it stars Ray Romano as Joe, a divorcee dad with a gambling problem struggling to figure out what he’s supposed to do now that he’s divorced. Scott Bakula as Terry, a struggling actor hitting 50 that has to re-evaluate his life and taking on a “normal” job and Andre Braugher, a man living in and trying to get out of his fathers shadow. I’ts a serious show that will make you laugh and cry within an hour everytime.
Tonight Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Mike Royce(the executive producer and co-creator) and Brittany Curran (she plays Ray’s daughter on the show and stole my heart tonight) were all on the red carpet and I can’t tell you how much fun I had.
First up is Scott Bakula, considering this site is called a nerd’s guide to Hollywood, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a huge fan of this man not only for Quantum Leap but also Enterprise. To get the chance to talk to him was a dream come true and OH BOY was he cool.

Next was Mike Royce who worked with Ray on Everyone Loves Raymond, he is a funny guy and very cool considering I found out during the panel that he hates when people say this show is about mid-life crisis (Sorry Mike!!!) I wasn’t suggesting that was all the show was about I just figured it was a perfect opportunity to ask them all about theirs, so even with me asking that question Mike was cool.

Next up was Brittany Curran, she does an amazing job as Ray’s daughter on the show and even though I’ve always been impressed with her acting on this show, I had no idea how beautiful she is and incredibly fun to talk to, enjoy!!!!

After talking to me, Brittany and I were joking about her “electric computer” comment and she wanted a chance to redeem herself(not that she needed to)

So there you go, proof positive that Brittany is indeed smart and nerdy! Keep an eye on her because as I said she’s a great actor and I’m positive we will see great things from her.
Finally I got a chance to talk to Ray Romano and even though we were running out of time I was able to ask him some questions.

Please tell your friends to watch this show, I guarantee you this show will only get better and better and it deserves the chance to become the hit that it should be.
I would like to thank Natalie of, The Lippin Group for putting on this amazing event and as always the Paley Center. Check out for more info on future events!



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