Weird Al’s Perform This Way with me!

Weird Al's Perform This Way with me!

When Weird Al asks for volunteers you can bet I will say yes…he did and I did and now I can tell my grandchildren about the time I was in the weirdest Weird Al music video ever.
20 people including myself were picked to be paparazzi for a scene in Al’s Perform This Way video, I showed up on set and sat down in our holding area with 18 other uber-fans and Al came by to thank us for coming and to please call him Al. In a few hours we were called to set and I was bummed to find Al behind the camera and not on stage with me. A girl was to be the star of our first shot, all this time dreaming of being in a Weird Al video and I’m in a scene without him?!?! After the second shot I realized that Al had make-up on his face and the girl in my scene had black marks on her face, it finally hit me that these were tracking marks and I would indeed be in a scene with Weird Al!!!!
I can’t thank Al enough for being so nice to us and making a dream of mine come true.
So watch the video and look for me, it’s a bizarre parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.



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