Mythbusters-not busting any myths last night.

Mythbusters-not busting any myths last night.

The Paley Center for Media had ANOTHER great panel last night, seriously more of you need to go to these, they are without a doubt to see your favorite actors from your favorite shows and ask them whatever you want but I was happy to bump into a couple fans of this very site last night so thanks for reading guys! But anyhow back to the panel…
Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the stars of Discovery channels hit show Mythbusters stopped by the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills for An Evening with Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters (which has to be the longest evening with title yet.)
I’m a huge fan of this show as are my nephews, but I have to admit I was nervous about interviewing the guys, well Jamie to be specific, not because he isn’t a cool guy on the show it was just that he doesn’t often have a lot to say. Thankfully my worries were unwarranted, both of the guys were very cool and very down to Earth. Enjoy the video:

After my little interview I ran inside to get a good seat for the panel, after showing us the Obama/solar ray episode the guys got up onstage and right into telling stories.
Jamie joked about not taking his hat off when filming with the President and they both were saying how they only got 13 minutes to film with Obama and filmed two endings depending how the myth turned out.

When asked where they get the cars they destroy from, Adam said they find them at the scrap yards moments from being compacted, buy them then accelerate the compaction.

Surprisingly to me they said that the budget for materials per episode is $5000-$10000, the materials range, depending on the episode, from $150 all the way up to the rocket car at $100,000 and that because of Jamie’s Hollywood shop experience they usually find the cheapest way to do it.

The one question they both get all the time is how much of the work they actually do and again surprisingly to me, they do the majority of the work on the builds. They do have a couple guys that do the finishing work but the majority is done at M5 by Jamie and Adam. I have no idea how they have any free time between filming and building, their lives have to be 99% Mythbusters for most of the year. The other question they get a lot: is there a myth that they can’t do for legal reasons and their answer was they would love to bust every myth but if its too dangerous they won’t do it. The one Adam jokingly said he wanted to bust was the nuclear explosion fridge scene from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but they just don’t do above ground testing anymore.

Thankfully Adam was asked how he got started and told about his first acting job he got doing a Charmin commercial,which gives me an excuse to post it here. He found out from his parents years later that he got paid $18,000 for the commercial which he “blew” pretending to go to NYU for a year.

and his “biggest” job on a Billy Joel music video as a drowning victim.

That was about it for Adam’s acting career and moved into graphic design and prop building, he met Jamie working at Jamie’s M5 shop which did props for movies and TV. Jamie’s shop could build just about anything and between production jobs he designed toy prototypes. When he was approached to do the pilot for Mythbusters he called up Adam and figured they would make the pilots and be done with it, Jamie didn’t know any more myths that could be done.

They said during the panel that they don’t do any supernatural myths or “Oogie Boogie” myths because they can’t prove the negative. For example, they can’t search for Bigfoot then say he doesn’t exist because all the proved was he wasn’t there when they searched for him.

They told a lot more stories and answered fan questions from young and old alike in the audience. I have to say they really appreciate their young fans and made sure that the kids in the audience were the first to get autographs and ask questions at the reception after the panel.

The guys did say that they still have 4 years left on this contract,they still love doing it and that the show is still doing great for Discovery so there’s no immediate end to Mythbusters in sight! Finally, a show I love that I don’t have to worry about going anywhere! Oh and don’t be surprised if you see them on The Simpsons in the near future….
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