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The Basic Cable Band…Live.

The Basic Cable Band...Live.

I will fight anyone that says there’s a better late night band then the Basic Cable Band from Conan. The Roots are good and come in a close second but seriously the hardest working band in late night without a doubt are these guys; Jimmy Vivino, Scott Healy, Mike Merritt, Mark Pender, Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg, Jerry Vivino, and James Wormworth. I have been lucky enough to see them at tapings of Conan and was blown away by them then but seeing them at The world famous Troubadour, in such a small intimate setting and having them perform song after song was incredible!!! Wait I should start at the beginning, last night at The Troubadour Team Coco presented the Basic Cable Band with stand up performances by Jimmy Pardo( the ONLY warm-up guy that is original and consistently funny), Deon Cole, Brian Kiley, and Laurie Kilmartin, all of whom were hilarious and such a treat to see live. But to be honest as much as I loved the stand-up, I went mostly for the band, I have to say this show was amazing from the first note of the band to the last. These guys blew the audience away song after song, in fact I was winded just watching Mark Pender and the rest of the guys on the horns. The only thing that could’ve made the night better was Conan getting up on stage himself and you know what, he did! Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any better Conan got up on stage with the band and rocked out 20 Flight Rock(which fans of Conan will know is the song he performed with Jack White on the first night of Conan, I know because I was the first audience member in the soundstage for the first show and was mere feet away from them when they performed it live)
I didn’t think anything could top that first taping of Conan but I can honestly say that Conan and the guys rocked the house!!! They performed Too Much Monkey Business, a chimney sweep accented version of Creep, 40 Days(with Conan on DRUMS!!!!) and more. They just kept rocking one song after another and each one was better than the last. I hope that Conan and the Basic Cable Band do more of these shows, I can’t think of anyone else that could combine stand-up comedy and a rock show so perfectly. I have been for years and will proudly always be TEAM COCO FOR LIFE. He is the nicest most genuine guy in person and it was a blast to see him up on stage rocking out, just having fun singing songs and being a rockstar. So once again I have to thank the ginger pompadoured genius of late night tv, thank you Conan for the tv show and for rocking out live for your fans last night.

Check out the Gallery below for some great shots of the funniest guy on TV rocking out!

and for even more great shots check out

To Aaron Bleyaert, I want to thank you again for such a great night!!! I would also like to thank Conan’s biggest and prettiest fan for coming with me and taking such great shots!
Photos by Mariana Cortez and Curt Sandvig



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