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Glee Finale SPOILERS

Glee Finale SPOILERS

Was last night’s New York Nationals finale what I had expected? No, but that goes for pretty much every episode of Glee, I never know what to expect and thats one of the many reasons that Glee has quickly become one of my must-see favorite TV shows. I liked the episode but sadly wasn’t surprised by just about anything in it and it seemed to me that the majority of the songs were picked out first then the show was written around them. Recently I was talking with someone who didn’t like the show because the episodes lately were just dialog needed to get to them to the next song and as much as I wanted to I couldn’t 100% disagree.
For me Glee at its best is a brilliantly written show that deals with topics from teen pregnancy to homophobia in an intelligent, entertaining way but at its worst its just one bubblegum pop song sung after another. An example of this was Glee’s version of Friday by Rebecca Black, it seemed like they added this song just because it was viral at the moment. It wasn’t needed and it definitely wasn’t good, sure it was better than the original but thats not saying much. Last night’s season finale was somewhere in between the best and worst of Glee for me, I LOVED the fact that Brittany had a bigger part in this episode, something that has been desperately missing for a while now(seriously GLEE, Brittany is one of the best things about this show, use her!) But even with more Brittany the show didn’t surprise me much, I knew there would be a Kurt or Rachel Broadway moment, I figured that Finn and Rachel would get back together in some way and that Mr. Schuester wouldn’t leave the kids for Broadway and I also figured that there would be a new coupling of the kids since that seemed like an obvious “cliff-hanger.” I still enjoyed it but I really like to be surprised like when Kurt became homecoming queen, I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming and I thought that it was written wonderfully, Kurt didn’t win the hearts of everyone in the school but overcame it, made a statement and owned the situation beautifully. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t hate the finale, in fact I enjoyed a lot of it. The Brittany/Artie song “My Cup” was a fun touch.

I’m probably in the minority but I’m not one that enjoys the “imagine what would be” songs, where they kids are on a stage and suddenly theres an entire production surrounding them and this weeks Kurt and Rachel on Broadway was waaaaay too over the top for me. The songs are always sung amazingly but I would rather have an honest moment spoken between them instead of the singing to realize what needs to be done and yes I understand that Glee is a musical but still let Chris Colfer do another serious monologue, he’s brilliant at them and his Golden Globe was well deserved because of those moments. Besides 2 stage workers that help cast members realize their dream in one episode was one too many.
I have to say I like the fact that they didn’t make it to the top 10 but it just seems like that they are building up to next year, their senior year, will be the year they finally make it and I will be shocked if that doesn’t happen. Speaking of them not making the top 10, I still don’t quite understand why everyone was so shocked that Finn and Rachel kissed at the end of their duet, seriously was that kiss so shocking that it cost them everything??? I think the duet wasn’t that great to begin with so who cares about 2 high school students kissing on stage after a love song. I never got goose bumps like I did when I watched them perform “Loser Like Me”
That song is a perfect representation of what Glee is and unfortunately their songs at the competition tonight didn’t move me like Loser did. I am curious how they will deal with next year being senior year because lets face it if they lose the main characters the show will suffer, but unless they pull a saved by the bell the college years, hell even if they DID a saved by the bell the college years the show just won’t be the same. I don’t care how many new students Glee gets, the show needs the cast it has now, add Blaine but let’s not go overboard and add to many others to Glee.

All in all, I love Glee and this season even with its ups and downs was wonderful, funny, touching, and in the case of the funeral episode tear-jerking. I’m more of Glee fan than ever and can’t wait for the next season! Just promise me that Glee won’t change much and remember Brittany S. Pierce is one of the best character on television.



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