Sadly its not often that an intelligent, original show makes it on TV and if it does it usually never sees a season 2 or 3. Too many times I have fallen in love with an original show only to have it cancelled and replaced with some BS reality show or worse a formulaic sitcom that panders to middle America. Thats why I’m shocked that Fringe has stayed on the air and stayed fresh and incredibly intelligent. Fringe filled the void left by LOST for me and hasn’t missed a step, pandered or given up on the originality its had since the first hour it aired. It is honestly one of the best shows on TV and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be watching! You have all summer long to Netflix or buy the dvds and catch up, do it and you can thank me when you get to this past season’s finale. If you aren’t caught up and are afraid of some spoilers then stop reading now and just look at the pretty pictures below.
For those of you that have watched this season’s finale you know all too well how intense and how enjoyably frustrating this season has been and I’m sure you are still scratching your head and wondering what the observers meant by “You were right, they don’t remember Peter”. “How could they, he never existed, he served his purpose.”
Now even though I’m about to show you video interviews with the stars, writers and producers sadly they didn’t explain it, although to be honest as much as I want to know I would’ve been bummed if they told me what that meant or what is going to happen to Peter/Joshua Jackson next season.

A few hints were given out on the red carpet including a possible slip by the producers about Peter dying as a boy(in this universe) Did they really slip up or were they just messing with our minds on the red carpet, I don’t know. I do know this, Peter will be back next season in some form/some capacity. Will the rest of characters recognize him? We’ll have to wait and see. Also if you happen to run into the wonderfully talented Anna Torv or John Noble, don’t bother asking them because they honestly haven’t been told anything about next season.
The producers and writers know that they are walking a fine line between frustrating us over the summer and frustrating us to the point where we don’t care anymore and they promise it’s A. worth the wait and B. won’t be unresolved for long. Only JJ Abrams’ team can keep me in suspense and keep me from swearing and giving up.

This year’s Fringe panel was moderated by local legend Ralph Garman (of Sharktopus fame) and featured the lovely and talented Anna Torv (agent Olivia Dunham), the equally talented John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop), J.H. Wyman (executive producer), Jeff Pinkner (writer and executive producer) and Akiva Goldsman (director and consulting producer) and like all the events that the Paley Center puts on was fun,entertaining and a great chance for fans to ask the questions they are dying to know the answers to, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again go to and become a member or at the very least go to one of their panels!!!

Ok on to the stuff we learned on the red carpet and at the panel itself:

Both actors said they love both versions of their characters and both think that neither of the universe’s characters are evil just misunderstood and in Walternates case justified for what he’s done.

When asked what it was like to find out Walternate was going to kill Olivia, Anna Torv said she was told the night before about the scene and wasn’t worried about her character dying but was curious about the implications of the killing in regards to the show.

It was really interesting to hear how passionate John Noble is about defending Walternate and what he’s done, John feels that every parent out there would understand what Walternate did and know that like Walter AND Walternate every parent would do anything to protect their child and what Walter did was what any father would do at that moment. He said that even knowing now that he was potentially destroying two universes Walter would still have done what he did and figure out a way to save the universes afterwards.

Everyone(including the actors) are wondering what cartoon Olivia meant by “I think he’s going to kill me” in regards to the man in the dirigible. Again no one gave a specific answer but again promised that we would find out about why she thought that and what it means for Olivia. I know some of you may be thinking “yeah right, just like on LOST” but everyone involved with the show assured us that there is a plan and loose threads will be few and far between, answers are coming and when they do we will be surprised!

During the panel the producers were asked is there a definite plan and can they prove to us that there has been a plan all along and their evidence of the overall plan was as simple as re-watching the first season and seeing how differently the episodes play out knowing what we now know. They gave “the amber on the bus” incident as an example and the “their growing soldiers like tomatoes” line in correlation to Fauxlivia’s accelerated pregnancy.

Both actors feel that the real star of the show is the show itself and how amazing it is to be on a show like that. When they are stopped on the street the fans always ask about what’s going to happen on the show or as in John’s case they just say “Walter,Walter, wanna buy some drugs?” Also neither actor could say which version of their character they enjoy playing most since it’s always a fun challenge to play the different versions of themselves or in Anna Torv’s case playing William Bell(Leonard Nimoy’s character.) She freaked out for a second when she found out she would be playing Bell but with John Noble’s help she loved the challenge.

I also loved how the actors kept saying what fans they were of the writers and the writers/producers kept saying how much of fans they were of the actors. It’s always great to see genuine affection for both sides of the camera.

Now whatever universe you are reading this in, sit back and enjoy the videos.

Again I would like to thank the Paley Center, the Lippin Group and everyone involved with Fringe for such a great event and a wonderful night.
~Curt Sandvig



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