The secret is out!!! Nerd girls aren’t just for nerd guys anymore

The secret is out!!! Nerd girls aren't just for nerd guys anymore

Years ago when I was in school there was a simple fact, jocks dated cheerleaders and nerds dated nerds. Somewhere along the way something changed and our little secret got out: NERD GIRLS ARE HOT.

Don’t believe me? Then just go to your local Comic-con and see for yourself. The hot girls dressing up as Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, or Black Cat all like the “nerdy” things you do, from Star Wars to comic books. The question is now just because a girl like Star Wars and video games does that make her a nerd girl? Who DOESN’T like Star Wars or at least hasn’t seen it by now??? Plus with the Wii and the Rock Band games I don’t know of a girl that doesn’t like video games either.

Is there such a thing as a nerd girl anymore? Everytime I see the term nerd girl under a picture, its usually some amazingly hot model chick WITH GLASSES!!!

Glasses does not a nerd make, I think the fact is that nerd girls are just hot girls now and hot girls are just the sluts douchebags date. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not but nerd girls are the hot girls that everyone wants to date now.
Nerd girls I have been and always shall be your friend….but enough with being just friends, lets date!!!

What nerd girl post would be complete without pics



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