Today is “They Might Be Giants Awareness day”

Today is "They Might Be Giants Awareness day"

For some They Might be Giants, or TMBG as they will be known for the rest of this article, are just a group from the 80’s that sang


Well if thats all you know of TMBG then first we can’t be friends and secondly today was made for you!!!
They Might Be Giants Awareness day is a special day to teach you about the brilliance and wonderfullness of their music.
Just listen to these songs from their 2001 release Mink Car:

or how about these songs from their 2007 release The Else:

See how different and amazing they are, now for some more rockin’ tunes from Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love.

They’ve even done some kids albums(you don’t need kids to love these songs) Sit back and learn some things with these jams:

As you can probably guess from this piece, I am a huge TMBG fan. I think I first stumbled upon their brilliance on Nick Rocks, a music video show on Nickelodeon

I immediately went out and bought their tape and have been a life long fan ever since. I have seen them 50+ times in concert in 6 states and the only reason I haven’t seen them more is because they are in New York and I live in California. Now, I can honestly say they put on the best live shows of any band I’ve seen and i’ve seen hundreds of live acts in my life.
If you’ve ever liked any of their songs in the past then trust me when I say you will love their upcoming Join Us but TODAY you can get the advance tracks “Can’t Keep Johnny Down,” “Never Knew Love,” “Old Pine Box” on iTunes through their “Complete My Album” program, with the full album arriving in all digital and physical outlets later this year through Idlewild/Rounder Records.
Here’s the new single “Can’t keep Johnny Down” call up your local radio station and ask them to play it!!!

So do yourself a favor and go to and treat yoursef to some TMBG tunes and when they come to your town go see them and tell ’em Curt sent you!
Now just for fun here’s some classic TMBG to round out your Awareness Day:

~Curt Sandvig



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