Hollywood bests in Japan’s worst commercials

Hollywood bests in Japan's worst commercials

Have you seen everything Harrison Ford’s done? How about Nicolas Cage or Bruce Willis? These guys have made millions doing Hollywood blockbusters but all those millions obviously weren’t enough for them because they’ve all done horrible japanese commercials like the following.

I’ll be the first to admit Nicolas Cage has some seriously horrible acting moments on film, anyone that watches Conan knows how easy it is to pick on poor ole Nic but some of his best worst work was done to hock japanese products like these.


See those make his “not the bees” scene from The Wicker Man look Oscar worthy

Now don’t quote me but I think this next one was overdubbed but its still the best place to see Ben Stiller frozen and then tackled by football players.

the only thing better than this would have been the full Zoolander jeans ad.*

Ummm I think Bruce Willis attacks phones with a neutrona wand from Ghostbusters/ gas pump….I don’t know whats happening.

Seriously?!?! Is he a Ghostbuster or what?!?!?!

I can sum up the next commercial with one word…WHOA.

Next up is not only Indiana Jones but his dad too, although I was hoping for more from Sean Connery in his commercial.


Seriously Dan Aykroyd what the hell is going on here?

Smashmouth AND Ewan Mcgregor?!?

Speaking of Jedis, here’s a pretty cool George Lucas commercial

these are actually kinda cool, the world needs more Jack Bauer!!!

and back to bad acting with Ahnold!

Ok this one isn’t bad at all, its just a reward for sitting through all those bad commercials!

*special thanks to Da Bun.


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