Movies and Tv are part of a balanced breakfast!

Movies and Tv are part of a balanced breakfast!

Whats better than Captain Crunch for breakfast?
Movie and Tv tie-in cereals,thats what. Some were actually pretty good like The Ghostbusters cereals, some were bad but ALL had amazing commercials like these:

First is C-3PO’S, now I love Star Wars but I still don’t understand how a number 8 or letter B shaped cereal had anything to do with C-3PO.

This is one of my favorite movie cereals, I wish they still made it, thats how good it was!!
Oh Ghostbusters, you can do no wrong.

At least they tried to tie this one in with musical note shaped marshmallows. IT’S MOST EXCELLENT!

See other cereals, this is how you do it! they are shaped like Batman logos!!! That makes sense, although I’m not sure Batman flying through the Joker’s gas at the beginning makes me want to eat a breakfast cereal.

Man that little alien love chocolate and peanut butter! So hey random kids that look nothing like the kids from the movie, now you can eat ET!!!

Turtle power!!! Wait, did they de-capitate Shredder at the end of that commercial?!?!

A deliciously sweet what?!?!? damn you whoever taped this commercial off of the TV! Now I will never know what will happen to the badly moving robotic Gizmo and that creepy kid!!!

I actually never had these as a kid but judging by the shapes of the cereal I would’ve loved it!!! *snap *snap

What was your favorite Movie or TV tie-in cereal?



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