If you couldn’t tell by the all caps in the title, I went to the Community panel for Paleyfest 2011 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Community and I had a rough start, it has an amazing cast and yet I just didn’t watch it that often the first season, then something changed. Not only did I start watching it, I fell in love with it! Whatever changed was obviously in me, because going back and watching that first season I found myself crying with laughter and quoting the show to everyone I knew. So obviously the show was just a comic overload for me back then and just too much funny for my brain to take, in my defense most new shows that have a great cast end up being only sub-par so I usually make rash decisions about some shows that deserve a chance and that describes Community to a tee. I’m not one that likes to tell you the back story on a show, I figure if you’ve found this article it’s because you like the show or a cast member so I’ll make it quick. Community is a lot like Twilight except there aren’t any vampires, no one glitters and people have sex. So how is it like Twilight? Well both have gorgeous people in the cast and both are incredibly funny to me (although Community tries to be funny where as Twilight is just so bad that it becomes funny.)
Seriously though Community stars Joel McHale as Jeff Winger thats as IMDB puts it “is a show about a smarmy lawyer whose education is deemed void by the bar is forced to attend a local community college with an extremely eclectic staff and student body.”
The Cast of Community, Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash were all on hand for this years Paleyfest.
Even though they were tight lipped about a lot of whats coming up on the show they did share some spoilers. For instance the gang at Greendale Community College will be doing another paintball episode, that Ken Jeong described not as a sequel but more of a bookend piece because of how much farther they are going to go with it. In fact the entire cast is excited about the paintball episode, everyone talked about how incredibly funny that particular upcoming episode was to make and that a heartthrob named Josh Holloway from Lost will making an appearance, perhaps kissing Gillian Jacobs since she couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Josh was and how great it was to work with him. She wasn’t the only cast member enamored with Josh, below you will find an interview with Ken Jeong that shows just how much he loved having Josh Holloway on set.
Another tidbit given is that Abed will be given a surprise birthday party that is Pulp Fiction themed that Danny Pudi says is his one of his new favorite episodes, the episode is directed by the brillian Richard Ayoade of IT Crowd fame. Gillian Jacobs told me that even though she couldn’t say too much, Britta has a new romantic interest and perhaps grows a little as a person towards the end of this season but couldn’t tell me what was in store for Britta for next season. Now let me pause right here to say this is another favorite show of mine that has yet to be renewed and for the love of God better be renewed soon!!! UPDATE COMMUNITY HAS JUST BEEN RENEWED!!
Okay back to the panel, it seems that everyone on the panel has a different reason to love the show, for Joel McHale he knew he was working on the best TV show ever when a monkey hand came up and grabbed a pen from him, for Ken Jeong its all about the wonderful material he has to work with each week… BUT ENOUGH OF MY YAPPING HERE’S THE AMAZING INTERVIEWS!!!
First up was Danny Pudi, who plays Abed on the show…

Next up is Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton….

Then was the incredibly gorgeous and talented Gillian Jacobs…

Next Ken Jeong and I share a special moment…

then the incredibly sweet and lovely Yvette Nicole Brown was nice enough to stop and chat with me…

Next is one of my all time favorite actors, his portrayal as Fletch alone makes him a comedic icon in my book, the one, the only Mr. Chevy Chase…

and finally ladies I was lucky enough to interview Mr Joel McHale….

Once again the Paleyfest outdid itself with this amazingly entertaining panel, next year everyone reading this needs to drive,fly, swim, whatever it takes and make it down to one if not all of the wonderful panels that The Paley Center for Media puts on!




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