Tig has Friends and I consider myself one of them now.

Tig has Friends and I consider myself one of them now.

Last night I was invited to go to the taping of a new pilot called “Tig Has Friends” I know some of you will ask “who’s Tig?” Well look how prepared I am! Tig Notaro is a stand up comedian best known for her role as a cop on The Sarah Silverman show. If you don’t know her by that then watch this:

Trust me you will know her very soon if LOGO is smart enough to pick up this new show. Its a refreshing look at talk shows, reminiscent of the looser styled talk shows like England’s The Graham Norton Show. No pandering to middle America and doing stupid bits, no people running up to the stage and shaking hands right after a boring monologue, no walking on the streets and finding out how badly public schools have let us down when asked where Libya is, none of that, just people all sitting down together and talking. Tig Has Friends is the perfect title because as soon as I was seated, I looked around me and noticed that most of the audience in the Acme Theatre were indeed Tig’s friends. From Sarah Chalke, Sarah Silverman(who opened the show with some f*@king hysterical stand up), the gorgeous Riki Lindhome of Garfunkel and Oates, Kyle Dunnigan(who was also the keyboard player for the show), and many,many others. The audience themselves would’ve made for a great guestlist for this pilot but Tig had a better plan, her guests last night were all from Mad Men, Jon Hamm(the first M is silent), Richard Sommer, Mark Moses, Randee Heller,and Jared Harris.
The only thing that would’ve made the show even better would’ve been these…

I meant her.

The fact that these guests were actually Tig’s friends gave the show such a relaxed vibe, like I was lucky enough to be seated at the same table as them at a restaurant. They goofed around, played off each other and seemed happy to be there and not there to promote a new movie like so many guests on so many bad talk shows *COUGH* The Tonight Show with Leno *COUGH* Tig even went all Donohue during the second half of the show and had the audience ask whatever they wanted to the guests, seriously whatever they wanted. I don’t want to give away any spoilers just trust me and tivo it when it airs, you can thank me then. I can honestly say that this is a show I will watch religiously and tell my friends about until everyone I know is watching it too. So find LOGO on your TV and get ready for a great talk show.
Oh and for my female readers here’s this:


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