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An Open Letter to Rick Moranis

An Open Letter to Rick Moranis

Dear Mr. Moranis,

First I would like to take a second and thank you for keeping me entertained throughout my life, from the formative years when a kid decides if the comedy that connects with him will be crappy formulaic sitcoms that were a dime a dozen or pure brilliance like yourself. Your career has been, and hopefully will continue to be for years to come, pure comedic genius. I can clearly remember my first exposure to you on SCTV, growing up in Michigan in the 70’s and 80’s I watched a ton of Canadian tv and always loved the slightly odd humor coming to me from just across the great lakes but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon your portrayal of Bob McKenzie that I knew I had a new comic idol, I would quote you relentlessly for years and when Strange Brew came out I had just turned 13 yet I had found my comic mecca, like the generation before me quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I would quote Strange Brew any chance i got. Any time a girl leaned in too close I would immediately say “i’d kiss you if i didn’t have puke breath” and everytime I went in to a donut shop “it’s a jelly” became my comedic “go to.” I even got in trouble my junior year in high school for playing your 12 days of christmas song before the morning announcements. My principal took me aside after it played and said it was inappropriate because you sang about drinking a beer, my rebuttal didn’t help me much when I responded” he wasn’t drinking it he said the beer was in a tree!”
Now if your portrayal of Bob Mckenzie wasn’t enough to instill a lifelong fan in me, I went to a little movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, a movie that in my opinion a small character named Louis Tully stole every scene that he was in. Ghostbusters needed you, it needed the awkwardness of Louis Tully, sure it had the wise cracking wit of Bill Murray bouncing one liners off the other leads but the movie would’ve suffered a great loss had you not been it. Your portrayal of the nerd that never took no for an answer from the gorgeous Sigourney Weaver still has everyone rolling in the aisles every time they do a showing of Ghostbusters in Los Angeles.
I understand your need to be with your family during that incredibly sad time in your life, and I completely respect that you retired, much like John Lennon did, to be there for your children and proving that family was the most important thing in your life but much like Lennon I hope you will come out of retirement and entertain the world again. I for one could use a new Moranis character in my life during these trying times.
So thank you sir, thank you for your movies and equally for your music( which incidentally is on every playlist on my ipod) The musical genius of Agorophobic Cowboy needs a follow up, now more than ever. I play your songs daily and they never cease to bring a smile to my face so once again, I thank you for being you and for 27 years later still being my comic idol.


P.S. if you could just do the next Ghostbusters movie and then go back into retirement then I would be a very, very happy person.

Now readers please enjoy the brilliance of Mr. Rick Moranis!



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