They Might Be Giants might make you smarter.

They Might Be Giants might make you smarter.

Music isn’t just there to make us dance, it can also trick us into learning things. Most songs I hear today turn my brain to mush or burrow into my skull without my permission until I wake up at 3am with Smashmouth songs running through my mind(and there is no amount of drugs or alcohol to stop it.)
Thats why I listen to They Might Be Giants, a band that not only has original songs and lyrics but style, so much style that I have seen them close to 50 times since 1988 and only the fact that they are from New York and I’m in California stops me from seeing them when they do their frequent club spots around the Big Apple. Honestly, the only thing better than seeing them live or listening to their great songs is that I accidentally learn stuff too!
So here you have it, things I have learned from TMBG:

1.The sun is about 93 million miles away(and thats why it looks so small)

and I learned even more with this song

2. The 11th president was James K Polk and he ran against Martin Van Buren, James Buccanan, and Louis Cass. For more about what James K Polk did, watch this.

3.Mammals have large four-chambered heart and have a very high metabolism rate and some mammals are The bat, the cat,Dolphin and dog,Koala, hogmt he fox, the ox, Giraffe,shrew,Echidna, and caribou

4.Much like the animaniacs before them I have learned geography with the alphabet of Nations

and even MORE nations here, plus the greatest man in late night since Letterman, Mr. Conan O’Brien

5. A shooting star is a meteor, the friction as it falls through air produces heat and light

6. The edison museum was once a bustling factory in New Jersey thats not open to the public but was where Edison made his inventions and is now and independantly owned and operated building that still houses some of Edison’s greatest achievements.

7. Edith Head or Helen Girlie Brown or some other cultural figure I don’t know a lot about (fun fact I am in the front row in this video)

8. Old new york was once new amsterdam, instanbul not constantinople

9. They taught me about the mesoptamians

10. About the elements

and finally
11. They taught me that I might have a birdhouse in my soul.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the genius that is They Might Be Giants, I encourage everyone to go to and buy everything you can afford, you won’t regret it!

So lets re-cap I learned numerous things from TMBG, what have I learned from other songs?

Things I have learned from Paul Simon: I have 50 ways to leave a girl i just had sex with, none of them include shallow graves.
Things I have learned from Kenny Rogers: I have to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.

WINNER:They Might Be Giants.



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