Video games, the internet, dvds, a million cable channels, netflix, all of these wonderful inventions have done one horrible thing, they helped to kill Saturday morning cartoons

So what year did Saturday morning cartoons die? Beginning in the mid 80’s our beloved cartoons died one by one.
1985 was the end of the Gobots, He-man, She-ra and Dragon’s Lair.

1986 saw the end of GI Joe and My Little Pony.

1987 saw the end of Thundercats and Transformers

1988 was a bad year for girls, it was the year that killed Jem and the Carebears

1989 TMNT stopped being just a Saturday morning cartoon.1989 also killed Captain N, the game master.

1990 killed the Smurfs and Ducktales

1991 really hurt because it was the end of some of the greats; the Real Ghostbusters, Muppet Babies and Beetlejuice

And finally 1994 Garfield and Friends died from all of that lasagna.

Now I know you will say what about this cartoon or that cartoon!! They were my favorites!!! I answer you with this question” did they survive as a Saturday morning cartoon after any of the above?” No? Then it doesn’t really matter does it?
So based on all of that 1994 seemed to be the year that Saturday morning cartoons ceased to be. 1991 brought about something so scary, something so unstoppable, it was Saved by The Bell and as shockingly as it seems Screech and the gang dominated Saturday mornings and rip-offs galore followed in its path. Lastly, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out in 1993 and by 1994 it overpowered any cartoon on tv and killed them all!
So 1994 you were a cruel year, you killed off the tradition of millions of kids watching cartoons hour after hour on a Saturday morning. I feel sorry for kids today that will never know this tradition and think they have it better off because any time they want to watch a cartoon, the all knowing internet will provide it for them.

So let me know in the comments section below what year did saturday morning stop being the cartoon day for you?



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