he may be Weird but Al is cool!!!

he may be Weird but Al is cool!!!

I have been a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan for as along as I can remember, sitting in my bedroom listening to Dr Demento and just being in awe of how hilarious Weird Al is, how he could turn regular songs I hated into parodies I would sing over and over. Then one day before some movie I can’t recall ,a movie trailer came on then made me shout out loud ”YES!” it was UHF, now if you haven’t seen UHF stop reading this now and go watch it! I mean it, no matter what is on tv right I can guarantee you its not as good as UHF.


As the years went on I never got over the brilliance of Weird Al, every new cd he makes outdoes the last, in fact you know your new favorite artist has made it when Al parodies them but the best tracks for me have always been his original tracks like these.

Since you’ve been Gone
or One More minute with you

or Why Does this Always Happen to Me

“Weird Al” did a book signing today in Los Angeles for his new childrens book “When I grow up”

So being the huge fan of his that I am, I dropped everything and picked up my friend Lindsay and cruised down to the Grove and waited for over an hour and a half in a crowd as diverse as his parodies, young kids, older men and women and the typical Weird Al fans waiting sort of patiently one floor down until we were called up 20 people at a time to wait in another line. Was I angry I had to wait? Not for a second, I have met Weird Al in passing a few times at They Might Be Giants shows and he is always the nicest guy, talking to his fans for hours, and you can tell he appreciates them as much as they appreciate him. So I waited patiently and I read his book, I gotta say I loved it, I would definitely read it to my future kids and I hope he does more books both for kids and adults in the future, you can do no wrong in my eyes Mr. Yankovic.

The only thing eventful that happened when we were about five people in line from meeting him, Al got a phone call from his home alarm company telling him that his alarm is going off so after a couple of tense seconds for us in line , Al handled that situation and ensured that even that wouldn’t stop him from making sure that he got to meet all his fans young and old alike!

Thanks to my friend Lindsay, Hollywookiee.com will have a new tradition, having every autograph I get for this site made out to John Stamos, why you ask? Why the hell not, it made Weird Al chuckle and thats a good enough reason for me!


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