2011 a year full of great comic book movies or the year of hype?

 2011 a year full of great comic book movies or the year of hype?

Years have gone by without any comic book movies to watch, nerds were forced to stay underground and act out the comic books with action figures and shame alone then a steady rise of one or two great adaptations a year has brought us to 2011. not one, not two but 13 comic book movies are scheduled in 2011!!!
13!!! Now if only half of them are worth seeing comic books nerds will finally be able to say they knew all along that this stuff is cool.
lets go down the list:

Green Hornet

It was alright, better than I had expected considering how long it took to get made and how they re-shot half of the film.
It was no surprise that the slimmed downed Seth Rogan played Britt Ried as a stoner, slacker but it fit him and he made it work. I was happy the majority of the movie was Kato/ Black Beauty centric. Now I wouldn’t recommend it as a must see but if you get to the theatre and your only choices are Green Hornet or Big Momma: like father, like son then sure go see Green Hornet!


looks promising but I have been fooled by this type of trailer one too many times, so I will see it with very low expectations.


I dig the costume but the comic never appealed to me so I’m not sure what to expect but with Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman in it, it gives me hope.

X-men First Class

When I heard they were doing this I thought it sounded ridiculous, a teen angst rebooted version of X-men movies I loved didn’t sound too appealing but the trailer has changed my mind 100%. I AM SOLD.

Green Lantern

I liked the comic and I like the idea of this movie but after seeing the trailer I’m not excited about this one at all. The computer generated costume looks distracting and instead of showing us how “Ryan Reynolds” Ryan Reynolds can be, show me how cool the green lantern can be! Also did they computer generate Blake Lively and forget to animate her? That is the worst acting I’ve seen since Mega Python VS Gatoroid.

Transformers 3

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you Michael Bay!!!
If and I mean IF he can hold off on the “comedically racist” robots, make it so I can tell whats happening to what robot during fight scenes and actually make the movie look as good as that trailer then MAYBE this movie won’t thoroughly disappoint me.

Captain America
I already talked about this one, I’m sold.

Cowboys and Aliens

Han Solo, James Bond and the guy from Couples Retreat?!?! Hell yes I want to see this movie!!!
The trailer looks brilliant and Jon Favareau has proven he knows how to make a comic book movie look like the comic book so theres nothing else to say, this movie will be amazing!

Sucker Punch
So over the top but ohhhhh so sexy!!! This movie will probably be bad but no guy will care while they are watching it just because of Emily Browning in a schoolgirl outfit alone. Whats not to love, hot girls and crazy scenarios!!!

now the rest are scheduled for a 2011 release but I will wait til I see the trailers to bash on them
So waiting on you:
Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance
Men in Black 3
Sin City 2
~Curt Sandvig


Contact: curt@hollywookiee.com

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