Glee. A straight mans obsession.

Glee. A straight mans obsession.

Hello my name is Curt and I am a gleek.
Don’t judge me. It really is a good show, with great character development and it deals with issues that are unfortunately an all to real problem in todays society like gay bashing. It has gorgeous girls, great guest stars like Stamos and dammit yes it has some catchy tunes.
Now I can understand the hesitation a lot of guys have for watching Glee, it has that “musical” connotation and thats hard for a lot of guys to get over, trust me I will never shout from the roof tops that I’m a fan of musicals but I do like select ones especially ones like Rocky Horror and Dr. Horrible, every guy should be a fan of those they are brilliant, funny and just so happen to be musicals.That is exactly how I feel about Glee, it is brilliant and funny and just so happens to be a musical too.
But the real reason I am a hardcore fan can be summed up with one word: Brittany. Brittany is the reason EVERYONE should watch this show, Heather Morris plays Brittany brilliantly, she’s simple,sweet and somehow a total slut for the majority of the show. Heather’s comedic timing and awkward silences can pretty much guarantee you every episode Brittany will have you laughing out loud. I think the writers know what a comedic gem they have in Heather since they have started using her more and more and almost always use her to break the tension in a scene.

Watch a few episodes and the insanely talented Heather Morris will make a Gleek out of you.
Don’t get me wrong its not that I dont have problems with the show, for one, why the hell don’t the teachers do something about the slushees that are thrown in the glee kids faces? The majority of this series the school seems to be run by the kids, they get up and leave during classes, they rebel right in front of teachers, make out, decide to run a kissing booth in the hallways,fight, I never see them go to any other classes, that school is pure anarchy!!! Sometimes they go overboard with the autotune and yes like most musicals, these kids break out into songs at odd times and always know this amazing choreography without ever having to practice. They have some elaborate sets yet constantly talk about Glee’s budget, you know why you have problems with the budget Mr.Schuester? Because you spent a ton of cash making it rain on stage for no reason, not to mention the costs of building sets for Rocky Horror and having it only be for your Glee’s classes enjoyment!
Anyhow, back to why you need to watch Glee. If you need more reasons then just look at the pictures of the hot girls.

Did that help? They are dressed like cheerleaders in almost all the episodes!

Does THAT help? Look at that pic, there was even girl on girl action that, impossibly as it seems, is NOWHERE on the internet in clip form! This is the closest thing to that clip that I can find.

Its really one of the most entertaining shows on televsion with one of the best actresses on TV today. Heather Morris, I will take a slushee to the face any day just to meet you.



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