I wanted to do this for two reasons.
1. I love nerd girls
2. it gave me an excuse to google to these girls( I think thats the PC term)
When I started this list they had to meet certain criteria: they needed to be self proclaimed “nerds”, they have attended Comic-con and that they are hot, I believe this is the same list of criteria they use for the Nobel Peace prize.

10. Jessica Chobot

Jessica is a host and staff writer for IGN, plus she’s on XBOX live. Gamer=nerd so she’s my number 10.

9. Danica McKellar

She doesn’t meet the criteria I posted above, not a gamer but she was in two video games, Jubilee in X-Men Legends and Invisible Woman in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. So fine, the people have spoken and she is the NEW #9

8.Yvonne Strahovski

I know, I know number 8?!?! are you crazy!?!?! Yes she’s incredibly gorgeous and yes she’s on Chuck, an under-rated show, and YES technically she’s been to Comic-con but I’m not sure she’s a real life nerd. If she wants to contact me and prove otherwise, I will be willing to listen

7. Morgan Webb

she is definitely a nerd and fulfills all the criteria but she hasn’t been seen much lately and thats a damn shame!

6. Kari Byron

tell a nerd you don’t think she’s hot and they will Myth bust all over your face!…wait that sounds wrong.

5. Alison Haislip

who? Alison is on G4 and is definitely a gamer and definitely hot!

4.Mila Kunis

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking yep she’s hot but how does she fit into the rest of the list(or you’re thinking about that scene in Black Swan) Well Mila has admitted to being a nerd and also admitted to playing World of Warcraft, so the next time you get killed by Garona the half orc, she might be Mila!!! BUT probably won’t, so keep your Basilisk hide pants on.

3.Felicia Day

She was the most difficult to place on this list, I am a huge Felicia Day fan! She’s beautiful, talented, cool and was in Dr. Horrible. I wanted to place her higher on the list but I thought top 3 is pretty damned good on this list.

2. Olivia Munn

Nothing to say about her but HOT.
so that brings us to Number 1!

1. Clare Grant

Clare Grant is awesome! she’s married to some guy named Seth Green but forget that and look her up!
She does some instant classic youtube videos:

As a member of Team Unicorn, she’s a definite nerd girl that I guarantee you will see more and more of in the future!
here’s another picture

So thats my list, if you don’t agree comment and tell me why!



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