Patton Oswalt signing at Dark Delicacies.

Patton Oswalt signing at Dark Delicacies.

Patton Oswalt- actor, brilliant comedian and now author. Patton was at Dark Delicacies in Burbank to read from his new book”Zombie Spaceship Wasteland” today, a telling of Patton’s life growing up in a plain suburban town with very little stimuli, something I can relate to greatly!
Patton looked at the crowd gathered and read the D&D chapter, which I must admit was the perfect choice for this crowd. He borrowed my copy of his own book and read to us, acting out his younger Dungeons and Dragons days and finished with a poem about his last D&D character.
Seriously GO BUY THIS BOOK! If you liked Patton in any show or movie or his stand up(which you should) then this book is essential. Reading it all I can hear was his voice telling me stories that were eerily similar to my own childhood and if you can’t read then wait for the audiobook, wait a second you obviously can read because you are reading this! Unless you’re blind and someone’s reading this to you in which case I’m sorry you’re blind, you are missing out on SOOOOO MUCH GOOD PORN ON THE INTERNETS!!!!



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