GHOSTBUSTERS panel and screening at the Arclight Hollywood.

GHOSTBUSTERS panel and screening at the Arclight Hollywood.

to say I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan is an understatement, my car is painted like the Ecto-1, I’m currently building a proton pack with working lights and sounds, I hang out with the Southern California Ghostbusters( a great bunch of guys and girls) So yes, yes I have seen the movie many times. In fact I’m one of a handful of my friends that remembers seeing when it came out in 1984. But there is just something about seeing it at the Arclight, among other fanatics that appreciate that even though we’ve all seen it a million times there wasn’t the need to shout out the lines or ruin the movie in anyway.  Dickless himself, William Atherton( Walter Peck) was there as was …

The panel was a group of guys telling old “war stories” of the making of a classic and how its faired to this day. They answered the obvious “yes there’s going to be a part 3” question instantly and guess what…YES THERE’S GOING TO BE A PART 3.



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