Walking Dead Premiere Party

Walking Dead Premiere Party

Whats better than seeing the Walking Dead premiere at the Arclight on the big screen?

Going to the after party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

I pulled up in my Ecto-1z(my car painted like the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters) surrounded by the eerie silence of the cemetery. Walking into a crypt to party with celebs and Hollywood elite is bizarre but forgetting my phone in my car that the valet guys parked a half a mile away won as the most bizarre moment of the night. I walked through the pitch black past headstone after headstone, after JUST seeing a zombie movie wondering what was going to happen first, me peeing or me accidentally killing an unsuspecting valet driver. If you haven’t walked through a cemetery at night I highly suggest it. Never again can I criticize anyone in a horror movie for walking through the woods alone. I WAS that stupid person that deserved to get killed BUT I didn’t, I got to party with the cast and crew of Walking Dead, Frank Darabont and Rj Mitte and Dean Norris from Breaking Bad(the BEST SHOW ON TV) Two of the nicest guys, I love genuinely nice actors, people that are appreciative of their fans and fans of their show themselves. PIX to follow…


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